2020 Electronic Budget Forms are now available under Forms

Upcoming Deadlines:                                                                  
       June 1, 2019
            2020 Proposed Electronic Budget Forms for Special Districts including Joint Powers Boards due for submission to the                               Department of Audit and County Commissioners 
       July 31, 2019
            2020 Final Electronic Budget Forms for Special Districts including Joint Powers Boards due for submission to the                                       Department of Audit and County Commissioners 
       September 30, 2019
            2019 Annual Survey of Local Government Finances forms are due 
            2020 Budget Hearing Notices are due
       October 31, 2019
            2019 Annual Report Summary, Proof of Cash, Internal Control, and Self Audit forms are due (if applicable) NEW DEADLINE!
       December 31, 2019
            2019 CPA Reviews and CPA Reports are due
       January 31, 2020    
            2019 Late Filing for CPA Audits    

Proposed Rule changes have been approved by the Governor.  
  • Chapter 4 Rule changes reflect the 2017 Wyoming State Legislation enacting and amended statutes which defined special districts and created new requirements for the administration of finances and budget reporting for special districts. 
  • Chapter 6 Rules were deleted due to legislation which rendered them obsolete.
  • New versions of the rules can be found on the Secretary of States Website



Our Mission

Public Funds Division promotes governmental accountability through verifying the accuracy and reliability of information provided to the citizens of Wyoming, Legislature, Governor and other stakeholders.

Statement of Philosophy and Vision

  •  Improve government accountability through auditing accurate and reliable data.
  •  Conduct audits and other services for governmental entities.
  •  Percentage and accuracy of information audited by or reported to us by governmental entities.

Wyoming Dept. of Audit
Public Funds Division
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Phone:  (307) 777-7799
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E-mail us at:             doa-pfd-web@wyo.gov